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Environmental awareness and responsibility for our future

Our guests will be staying in an organic garden. None of the plants here have been sprayed since at least 2001. We do have a selective waste collection point in the neighbouring street, therefore we will privide you with separate waste bins for paper, plastic, metal and cans/paper drink boxes. In addition, we will happily adjust water temperature to consume less electricity.

We do grow some of our own fruits and vegetable in the garden and when possible we will buy organic food. Therefore, we will happily supply you with information on where and how to obtain these. Every Sunday morning, there is an organic food market 3 miles away in the second village from us. You will also find instructions on how to save water or electricity as most of our bulbs are of the long-life type. Mineral water provided will be from the Theodora springs at Kékkút, located 15 kms east of our village, reucing transport needs of our society.

There are a few organic winemakers in and near our village and we can organise visits to their vinyards and wine cellars. Also, the renowned Hungarian grey cattle are being kept near our village in a traditional free range method and their beef is available for purchase. Several restaurants in the vicinity will serve this as well as pork from traditional Hungarian fury pigs. We do have access from local farmers to organic milk and dairy products, as well as eggs, fruits, jams and other goodies. You are welcome to purchase from these if you want to consume them locally or have the opportunity to take some with you back home.

Apart from food, we also respect the traditional way of life in many other ways. Our village has several enterpreneurs working with historic methods, such as the cooper, winemakers and several people who are involved in building straw roofs or making home-made pasta, honey, and so on.

Our village is renowned for its local festivities which include the frozen soup beauty contest, mulled wine championship, fish soup competition and the grey cattle and grey monk (pinot gris) festival.

Having a huge interest in railways helps us avoid too much travel by car. We do like to bike and hike in the hills surrounding us. Being a licensed hiking tour leader, I will happily provide you with information and maps on where to test your walking abilities.

All in all, we do try to take utmost care of our environment and traditionsal values. We will be very grateful to our guests if they are happy help us conserve our locality's values.

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