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090801.jpg A view of our garden with the guest house (with red roof) on the right, behind the old vines
090801.jpg The guest house, behind the old vines
090801.jpg The center of the apartment: our ceramic tile stove with the kitchen in the background (right) and the bathroom (on the left)
090801.jpg View of the apartment's kitchen
090801.jpg The entrance of the apartment is just to the right of the table with chairs
090801.jpg Another romantic view of the ceramic tile stove and kitchen area
090801.jpg The bed with cupboards to the left and bathroom door to the right
090801.jpg The shower in the bathroom
090801.jpg Another detail of the bathroom
090801.jpg The cellar under the house with room for stpring guests' bottles of wines - always a good place for some relaxation. It's cold in summer and warm in winter!
090801.jpg A close-up view of the organic jams and bottled food that we and my mother make
090801.jpg The handle on the door of the cellar is train shaped - but we kept the interior of the apartment free of trains. You can see trains in the garden!
090801.jpg Wife and son watering the vegetable garden, with our compost box in the background
090801.jpg From spring to autumn, the garden is always a good place for games or relaxation
090801.jpg Plenty of kid's toys ensure a happy time for even the smallest members of our gests' the family
090801.jpg We try to keep the lawn green, flesh and clean so that everybody may enjoy their stay
090801.jpg The wallnut tree provides a fantastic shadowed cooling place even on hottest days, next to our functioning well
090801.jpg Cooking in the garden is always fun! Here we have some guests preparing food on a harrow disc - with the track of the garden railway circling the vegetable garden in the background
090801.jpg An American F-unit with a typical US consist - on our garden railway
090801.jpg We have cats and hedgehogs visiting our garden by night - and occasionally even a squirrel from acrtoss the back street!
090801.jpg The traditional Hungarian grey cattle have big grounds next to the village and can often be found grazing 300 meters from our house
090801.jpg Many birds visit us, both in summer and winter - nothing extraordinary but still very sweet. We have storks in the village and cravens on Mount Badacsony and many woodpeckers and herons are also to be found in the area
090801.jpg A view from Mount Badacsony, above our village. On the left is Lake Balaton
090801.jpg Looking north are further volcanic remains and vineyards
090801.jpg On the southern slopes one gets to look over the best vineyards of Mount Badacsony and may even wonder onto the top of some of the "basalt organs"
090801.jpg One of the best views over Lake Balaton with our village and the reeds along the shore
090801.jpg Traditionally grown vines in a local vineyard
090801.jpg The southern part of our village has a short shoreline that can be visited free. From this area one can see all of the "basalt organs" at once. The best view is from a boat on the lake!
090801.jpg A close-up view of the "basalt organs": the eroding stone cap of this long dead volcano
090801.jpg Above the "basalt organs" is the huge cross of the late Bishop Ranolder
090801.jpg The cross of the late Bishop Ranolder is a landmark that can be seen from far into the lake
090801.jpg Another view of the cross on top of the "basalt organs"
090801.jpg The interior of our village's catholic church which is over 100 years old. Sometimes there are classical music or organ concerts held inside
090801.jpg This is the platform at our railway station with a re-engined (silent) Ganz locomotive. The station building has a big canopy and is only 3-5 minutes walk from the NOHAB APartment, depending on your pace
090801.jpg Almost every summer and winter there are special trains passing our village, mostly with steam traction
090801.jpg Summers are good for riding or chasing trains - usually two or three M62s are out each day!
090801.jpg Our family
090801.jpg A nice dish made of organic pork available in a restaurant in Badacsony
090801.jpg Kocsonya (jellified soup) prepared by a local wine maker for the annual kocsonya beaty contest in 2012

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